About Us

Our MAGIC ZOO EATERY is determined to give you a unique dining experience. Our menu will provide great food at affordable family prices. Our atmosphere will provide an enthusiasm for animals, birds, fish, mammals, plants and Life!

Children of all ages love animals. Everyone enjoys visiting your area zoo. Unfortunately, until now, not every community could enjoy the surroundings of unique zoo animals. This franchise hopes to change this. How great would it be if you could also have fun, eat, learn and relax while enjoying the atmosphere of zoo "creatures" around you?

Our MAGIC ZOO EATERY will be a neighbourhood gathering place to make friends, where kids can be inquisitive and adults can feel like a kid again. From early morning to the wee hours of the "night" we hope for strangers to become friends. An old Chinese proverb says "Do NOT open shop unless you can always SMILE!" We need friends, nature, and animals to make us SMILE!

The MAGIC ZOO EATERY will serve meals balanced with health and nutrition first. We plan on using locally grown vegetables. The MAGIC ZOO EATERY is determined to give diners a new exciting dining experience with excellent customer service.

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